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Mission Statement

To be a venue where each and all within the family of God can:

  1. Feed - nurture and serve the family of God as the Spirit of Christ within them leads them to do.
  2. Be Fed - the Christian life is not without challenges but through sharing our struggles with one another (as the Spirit leads) we can be strengthened and encouraged by the brethren.
  3. Fellowship - share the Grace of God, which is renewed each day, with another as the Spirit leads FOR AND UNTO THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER AND THE LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

Church Structure To Be: #1 is GOD

#2 is Pastor
#3 is Elders
#4 is Associate(s) Pastor Of Ministry (i.e. music, youth, etc.)
#5 is DEACON(S)
#6 is Non Member Support Services (i.e. webmaster, product suppliers, etc.)
#7 is Administrative Offices (secretary/treasurer)
#8 is Armour Bearer (custodian - trusted advisor(s))
To be an illustration of the answer to the asked question: Why is a CHURCH needed?

Answer: The Church is like a hospital, but SPIRITUAL in nature; where Spiritual Birth and Spiritual Healing takes place. The Church is where the Spiritual Orientation To Life (FAITH LIVING) Is On Display. The Church is where GOD'S PEOPLE Experience Like-Mindedness, Kinsmanship, Love, And Support. The Church is where JESUS CHRIST IS: IN CHARGE OF ADMINISTRATION - ALL ARE ADMITTED; TAKES UP RESIDENCY AS CHIEF PHYSICIAN; and SAVES LIVES!!!
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